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I love helping people plan their Disney vacations! I have spent the past 10 years planning vacations to Disney destinations around the world for your very own Disney Couple. I’ve teamed up with Fairytale Journeys to help you plan your next Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or Disney Cruise Line vacation. I can also book vacations with Adventures by Disney. When booking Disney travel with me, you can expect that I will put as much time and effort into the details of your vacation as I do when planning trips for the Disney Couple.

As a reader of The Disney Couples Blog you may already know that we had a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding. It was the experience of a lifetime! As a Disney Bride, I appreciate all of the effort you put into your wedding planning. I can plan your site visit trip, wedding trip and Disneymoon to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or Disney Cruise Line. I can also book travel for your wedding guests.

As a co-owner of The Disney Couples Blog, I specialize in couples travel to Disney destinations. Disney destinations are definitely not for kids only! While I specialize in couples travel, I certainly book for families as well.

In today’s busy world, we all need a vacation! Planning that vacation can be time consuming and stressful. I can plan your upcoming vacation– be it for your Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, Disneymoon, family reunion or just to get away for a while. The best part? My services are 100% free! Clients never pay for my services nor does the cost of your vacation increase because you book with a Disney Travel Specialist.

You can contact me today at jaclynb@fairytalejourneys.com or visit the website and select my name (Jaclyn Booz) from the Agent pulldown menu.  In the coming weeks I will be launching a sister site to The Disney Couples Blog dedicated to assisting you plan your next Disney vacation!

About the Author

The Disney Couples Blog The Disney Couples Blog is run by Dan and Jaclyn. Dan is a former Disney Hollywood Studios Cast Member, Jaclyn wishes she was, too. The couple met in 2003, got engaged at Castaway Cay in April 2007, and had a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding in December 2007. They love visiting Disney theme parks and other Disney-related sites. They have visited all of the parks in the United States and Disneyland Paris. They hope to visit the Asian Disney parks in the near future.